Nissan Motor also issued a statement last October

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Nissan Motor also issued a statement last October 3 to remind customers of its policy of providing up to 90 days of relief for borrowers suffering from rough times. The policy isn’t aimed at furloughed workers but the company announced it as an opportunity.

According to Mark Kaczynski, president of Nissan’s automotive financing unit said that Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation is sympathetic to its customers who are in difficult financial circumstances. He said that the company wants to provide help in times of uncertainty. He added that their customers’ needs are their top priority and this is why they have this program.

Hyundai’s payment deferment will last until Congress and President Barack Obama reach an agreement and the furloughed workers can have their jobs back. The automaker had requests from more than 1,000 cialis 20mg prices customers to have their payments deferred.

John Krafcik, chief executive of Hyundai’s US unit, said that the shutdown has hurt its sales. Demand will fall between 5 percent and 10 percent in October compared to the previous month. He said that this was driven by concerns about the government shutdown.

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Toyota Provides Relief for Consumers Hurt by Government Shutdown

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Hyundai Motor announced that it would let federal workers furloughed by the partial government shutdown to defer lease and loan payments on their Hyundai vehicles. Now Toyota followed suit with its own amnesty program. The largest Japanese automaker announced that it would offer deferrals of up to three months on payments for consumers affected by the government shutdown.

Toyota said that it is recognizing the impact on the economy and is not limiting the relief offer to furloughed workers. The company said that the offer includes any Lexus Financial Services or Toyota Financial Services customer financially burdened by the partial government shutdown.

They could be furloughed workers, businesses and workers of business affected by the shutdown, government contractors and suppliers. The company said that customers in good standing with their accounts are qualified to defer up to three months of Canadian ed meds payments.

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